Sacco Team

Commissioner Hugo Cabrera

Commissioner Hugo Cabrera was first elected in 1999. He works as the Board Secretary for the North Bergen Board of Education, responsible for all official recordkeeping, correspondence and employment compliance. Under his leadership along with Superintendent Dr. George Solter and the rest of the administrative team North Bergen schools are flourishing with numerous awards and honors. 

North Bergen’s recreation program is flourishing under Commissioner Cabrera, with thousands of children taking part in many different sports. As Parks and Recreation Commissioner, Hugo and his staff schedule games and practices and manage North Bergen’s recreation fields and parks. He has also advocated for more recreation fields for our children and more open park space for the community and was instrumental in the opening of the new Waterfront Park on River Road. 

Commissioner Allen Pascual

Commissioner Allen Pascual was elected in 2002. Allen, who earned a master’s degree in education from Rider University, is currently the Director of the Guidance program at North Bergen High School. Together with district administrators, Allen is revolutionizing NBHS’ college placement services with new technology and a focus on matching students to the schools and programs that fit them the best.

Allen is responsible for maintaining tight budget control and a stable tax rate as Revenue and Finance Commissioner. Property taxes have remained stable, never increasing more than a cost-of-living adjustment, during Allen's entire tenure as Commissioner. He works closely with Township Administrator Chris Pianese to manage the municipal budgeting process, apply for aid and grant funding, and spend taxpayers’ money wisely. Allen Pascual has a solid record of fighting for taxpayers and is running for re-election to continue doing just that.

Commissioner Frank Gargiulo

Frank Gargiulo was first elected as a Commissioner in 1989. A former State Assemblyman, Frank is currently the Superintendent of the Hudson County Schools of Technology, which manages acclaimed, innovative schools like High Tech High School, County Prep High School and more. Frank graduated from Notre Dame University and earned a master’s from Seton Hall University.

As Public Works Commissioner, Frank oversees one of the most successful departments in North Bergen city government. Under his tenure, the DPW has been transformed into a professional organization with smart management and resource allocation. Always ready to handle any job, the DPW is responsible for keeping snow off of North Bergen’s many hills and making sure it’s safe to drive in the winter. Frank Gargiulo has seen the DPW receive many awards for its hard work and innovation, and he’s the ideal choice to continue giving North Bergen government experience and know-how.

Candidate for Commissioner Julio Marenco

Julio Marenco is the President of the North Bergen Board of Education and he is running for the seat currently held by Public Safety Commissioner Theresa Ferraro, who recently announced her retirement. Julio has a strong background in Public Safety as an Associate Member of the State Parole Board and he holds a Juris Doctorate Degree from Seton Hall University. 

Under Commissioner Ferraro's leadership, the North Bergen Police Department has grown into one of the most effective and diverse police units in the country. Nearly 60% of the department is of Hispanic heritage, thanks to Mayor Sacco's resident only hiring policy. Meanwhile crime is down and neighborhoods are safer than ever, thanks to innovative new technologies like the department's CCTV Security Camera system and community engagement and involvement. Julio Marenco will continue on this record and keep North Bergen's neighborhoods safe and secure. 

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