Stable Property Taxes

As a Mayor, Nick Sacco understands how to craft a responsible municipal budget that protects local taxpayers. North Bergen has had one of the state’s lowest, most stable tax rates over the past ten years thanks to Mayor Sacco’s leadership. This year, Mayor Sacco and the Commissioners have introduced a budget that keeps taxes flat with a 0% tax increase.

Excellent Municipal Services

Even in this era of austerity and budget cuts, Nick Sacco believes that the vital government services that people count on cannot be sacrificed. He is a firm supporter of police, fire fighters and other local government employees that do so much to keep all of us safe.

Giving Our Kids a Great Education

A career educator and former classroom teacher, Nick Sacco knows that education is the key to keeping New Jersey great. Sacco has helped mold North Bergen’s school district into a model for urban education with strong test scores and one of the lowest per pupil costs among similar districts, all while state aid has dropped.

Equality and Fairness

Nick Sacco believes that everyone deserves a fair shot at the American Dream and that no one should be discriminated against or treated differently due to race, gender, age, sexual orientation or any other factor.

Investing in New Jersey’s Future

A strong supporter of government investments in priorities like education and public utilities, Nick Sacco knows that for our state to prosper we need to properly fund the important programs that will improve our shared future.

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